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How Can Apartment List Help Me Find A Home?

Our goal is to generate matches for you based on our inventory and your preferences. If you see a listing you are interested in, you can give it a like so it can be added to your Short List. From there you can send a message to the listing for a tour and/or reach out to them directly if you have more questions.

How Do I Set My Preferences For My Apartment Search?

To start your apartment search, you can either download our app or go to and click on ”Sign Up”. You’ll be directed to our quiz, which will ask you exactly what you’re looking for in your next home so that we can send you properties that fit your criteria.

Can You Call Me To Discuss My Apartment Search?

Apartment List works by matching you with different properties based on your preferences and then connecting you with those properties for further discussion. They are the ones you want to talk to because they are best equipped to answer all your questions! The best way to get in touch with a property is to reach out to them directly. To contact a property, you can click the message button at the top of the listing (the calendar icon), or click the telephone icon to access the property’s phone number.

How Do I Contact A Property?

There are multiple ways for you to interact with property. 

       1. You can send a message directly to the property. Both of the options below will allow you to connect with the properties directly. 

  • On the individual property page, below the availability, you can select the purple message button. 
  • From your Short List you can select the small purple envelope. 

      2. You can call the property directly with the following information.

  • On the individual property page, below the photos, you will find the property phone number. 
  • From your Short List you can select the small purple phone, this will show you the property phone number. 
Contacted A Property And Haven’t Heard Back?

We want to make sure renters are able to find a property they love and if you are unable to connect with a property, please let us know. Please include the listing link, address, and any other descriptive details in the feedback form below or by emailing

Can I Clear My Short List?

Yes, while on the web version of our site, you can navigate to your Short List view and at the top of the page select the gear icon and click “Clear Short List”. This will delete everything on your current Short List so that you can start fresh with new listings. 

I Am Looking To Move Outside Of The US, Can You Help Me?

Currently, Apartment List is only available within the United States.

How Do I Reset My Account?

Resetting your account is not possible at this time. However, there are a couple of workarounds for this, depending on what you are trying to do. Often changing the parameters of your search will open more apartment ideas up to you. 

To update your account, navigate to the profile tab and change any of the answers to the detailed set of questions we asked regarding your preferences and personal circumstances. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and select the save button once you are done with your updates. 

If you’d like to revisit properties that you said “nope” to, scroll to the bottom category, “Not For Me,” to add them to your Short List. 

How Do I Search For A Specific Property?

Right now, our product does not have a search capability. Instead, we help deliver a list of homes that meet your criteria.

Do You Provide Affordable Housing (Section 8) Apartments?

As each individual property differs in its policies and what it does or does not accept in terms of housing programs, the best thing to do is to reach out to the property directly. You can send them a message by clicking on the message button at the top of the listing or access their number by clicking the phone icon.

A Listing Looks Fraudulent, How Do I Notify You?

We take this very seriously, thank you for reporting this listing. Please include the listing link, address, and any other descriptive details in the feedback form below or email us directly at We appreciate you helping to make our site safer!

How Do I Edit My Profile Information/Email?

To update your account, navigate to the profile tab. There you will be able to change any answers to the quiz, or your personal account information.

Why Do I Need To Provide My Information Upfront?

Our renters have told us that we are creating a much better experience by understanding your apartment wish list and then keeping you up to date with any new apartments that match your needs. Also, your information is private - we only share it with a property if and when you tell us to do so.

It Says There Is Nothing Near Me, What Does That Mean?

Apartment List tries to offer the renter as many options as possible, we are always adding new listings across the country, so apartments that may not be posted today could be available tomorrow. In the meantime, broadening the search parameters often provides you with additional options near you.

Does Apartment List offer single family housing?

While we do offer single-family homes on our site, our current inventory is optimized for larger apartment communities.

How do I report a scam listing?

We take fraudulent listings very seriously and appreciate you making us aware of this issue. Please provide the listing address to so we can investigate further.

When browsing through listing images on my phone, the app suddenly shuts down. How can I fix this?

Thank you for letting us know. Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of our application! If you do, I suggest deleting the app and reinstalling it.

What if I want to tour a specific property?

Apartment List makes it easy for you to request a tour of a specific property. The best way to confirm the property received your request is to contact them directly. We recommend calling the phone number located on the Apartment List listing to get in touch!

I Accidentally Scheduled A Tour, What Do I Do To Cancel It?

To cancel or re-schedule a tour with a property, you will want to reach out to them directly. You can reach the property by clicking the message button located at the top of the property listing or the telephone icon for their phone number.

If you booked your tour directly through Apartment List, you can click “Reschedule Tour” in the email confirmation you received. This will direct you to the property website for rescheduling or canceling your tour.

How Do I Unsubscribe From The Site?

You can head to our email unsubscribe page to adjust your email preferences to better suit your needs. Remember to click “Save” when you are done! If you have any issues, you can email us at

How Do I Delete My Account?

We are sad to see you go, you can send an email to where we will submit a request for your account to be deleted. You will receive an email with a link to click on to verify the account deletion (you must click on this link for the deletion to take effect.)

How do I exercise my data privacy rights?

To exercise your data rights (if applicable to you), please submit a verifiable consumer request to us using one of the following methods: Log in to your account, visit your renter profile page and correct your data or scroll down to the "data privacy" section to make your selection, or email us at and provide your full name and email address and the type of request you are making (e.g., right to access, correction or deletion). See our Privacy Policy for more information.