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Apartment List is working hard to enhance our listings and provide the best experience for our renters during this quickly evolving renting environment - at no cost to you!

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Links to Property Websites

Many renters want to view additional information about your community. If your community can assign attribution to Apartment List using UTM parameters, Dynamic Number Insertion or metadata referrer, we will display the link to the property website.

A UTM parameter is a query added to the url that allows the Apartment List tracking to follow the renter to the property website. If the renter then takes action to call/email the community in the same session, Apartment List receives attribution on the guest card.

Dynamic Number Insertion is utilized on your website to allow for the same tracking behavior once a renter clients from our website to yours. A property’s website may be configured to assign attribution based on the referrer.

What we need from you:

Please send us any URL’s in the acceptable link format below

123 Main St.
123 Main St.
123 Main St.
123 Main St.

Using referrer:

<head> <meta name=”referrer” …./> </head>

360 Tours and Prerecorded Video Tours

Your property pages can now display 360 Tours owned for distribution by you as well as prerecorded video tours. See examples below.

What we need from you:

Virtual Tours

To add a 360 Tour to your listing page, please provide us with the direct link. We can currently support direct links for Virtual Tours from Matterport, Helix360, LCP360, Panoskin, and VPiX. Please note, we are unable to extract tour content from websites.

Video Tours

To add a pre-recorded video tour to your listing, please provide us with the original video file. We can support all video file types, including .MP4, .MOV, etc.  Please note that we cannot support YouTube content or links to other video-hosting platforms.

Live Remote Touring Badge

Many communities are offering live remote touring to prospective renters via FaceTime, Zoom, or other video conferencing platforms. We have added a badge on listings to indicate if your community is doing this.

What we need from you:

Please tell us if you are conducting live remote touring and we will put this badge on your listings.